The Council

The Hon. Mr. Justice Carmel A. Agius
President, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
The Hague, Netherlands 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Brian Gill (Retired)
Lord Justice Clerk
Court of Session
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 

The Rt. Hon. Lord Boyd QC
Supreme Courts
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 

The Rt. Hon. Mr. Justice J.S. Henry (Retired)
High Court of New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

Professor Dr. Albin Eser MCJ (Retired)
Max-Planck Institute
Freiburg, Germany 

The Rt. Hon. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (Retired)
Chief Justice of Canada
Supreme Court of Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
The Hon. Mary Gaudron (Retired)
High Court of Australia
NSW, Australia 
Hon. Judge Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko
Appeals Chamber, Special Tribunal for Lebanon
The Hague, Netherlands